Zoltan Bihari

About Zoltan Bihari - a Latin/Ballroom Dancer in London

Zoltan Bihari is a Hungarian turned Londoner who has a true passion and ambition to teach Latin and Ballroom dancing to whoever is willing to learn. Zoltan was a junior champion in Latin Dancing in Hungary and is now fully immersed in teaching and developing his skill.



I am Zoli and to keep things simple; I am a dancer. But being a dancer entails many things. It requires you to be somewhat of an actor, a performer, a teacher, a student, an interpreter, a sportsman, a researcher, a musician and a choreographer. Though the role is dense and not always easy, I wouldn't change it for anything. 

I started dancing at the young age of six. I knew from the first class that I was were I belonged. I took to dancing like a fish to water and in no time I was prancing around, desperate to master the steps and progress quickly. I had a steady partner in my childhood and together we were bound for competitions. We practiced relentlessly until finally we were good enough. Vicky was my partner. We both grew up in East Hungary and came from modest families where money was scarce but dreams were limitless. Vicky's mum designed and created our show costumes. They were deep blue and white with a simple print. They were the fanciest clothes I wore and my most prized possessions. 


We quickly earned ourselves a reputation and name. I will always remember overhearing one of the mothers of our competitors mumble; "the guys in blue are here again, we don't stand a chance". We didn't have the means to make or buy new costumes so we reused our blue outfits over and over. In a way our misfortune became the reason for our signature look and recognisability. We were junior champions in Hungary and that victory really anchored and enhanced my love for dancing. 

I am now a Hungarian turned Londoner. The city has adopted me as one of its own and I feel very much at home. London houses so many dancers that dream of making it in the industry. Me, I have a different kind of dream now. I am a teacher and I want to teach dance to as many people as possible who want to learn. I teach adults, children, beginners, advanced students and everyone in between. I truly believe that dance comes with so many benefits from health, to fun, to discipline, sociability and skill. 

I am qualified from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and am always learning and observing from the absolute best in order to keep myself sharp and in shape. I am also DBS certified and hold a BA in Physical Education. 

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