Zoltan Bihari

Children's dance Courses in London

Zoltan teaches children and youngsters the basics and fundamentals of Ballroom and Latin dance. He works with children who wish to compete, who want to have fun, who want to meet other like minded kids or who want to learn a new skill. The classes are fun, interactive, energetic and interesting. 


Children's Classes

Dance is such a well rounded hobby. It's great exercise, a good chance to make new friends, a workout for the brain too with the new steps to soak up, routines to remember and a pastime that could become a life long interest. I started dancing at the young age of six and I knew straight away that it would become a big part of my life. 

I truly believe that dance is such a positive sport for children. It is the perfect example of fitness being fun. If your child is showing early signs of timidity or shyness, then dancing could be a great confidence booster. I always approach my lessons and teaching in a non-judgmental, supportive, patient and fun manor. 

Coming from a competitive dance background, I also understand the motivation, drive, ambition and thought process of those who dance in the hopes to one day compete. I am happy and willing to put in the time to help your child reach their goals and achieve new heights through dance. 

"one small step at a time"

I am currently offering several dance courses for children.
•Private lessons for those looking to compete or learn faster. The lessons will be tailored around the Childs needs, level, pace and goals. The benefit of private tuition in dance is the full attention of the tutor which can help a child evolve or reach their goals much faster. 
•Lessons built around small groups of friends. If your child and his or her friends are eager to dance together, then get in touch and I can create a dance package that suits everyone. Once I know more about the group, I can custom design the classes to suit all needs. (location, style and hours)
•Small group sign up. I am currently offering a sign up for children between the age of 6 and 12. The first course will focus around Latin dances, teaching the basic steps and the fundamentals of the 5 dances. Each style will have a simple routine to learn and showcase at the end of the programme. The second course will be designed in the same manor but with a focus on Ballroom. If you are interested, please get in touch and we can discuss what best suits your child. 

I am DBS certified, please click here to view the certificate. This is a crucial document that any adult teaching children should have and be able to present upon request.

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