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Terms & Conditions

This page will tell you everything you need to know about the company and can answer questions you may have about working and dancing with Zoltan Bihari.


Terms & Conditions

general information

Client: An individual who books/purchases/attends a dance class (private, group or other)
Before booking a class, (private, group or other) with Zoltan Bihari, Clients should read these Terms & Conditions carefully. If Clients disagree or are unable to comply with these Terms & Conditions, then they should not book a lesson (private, group or other). If you book a class with Zoltan, then it is understood that you agree and comply to these Terms & Conditions. 

Variations & cancellations

Clients should know that they are considered as committed once they book a class (private, group or other) with Zoltan. Once booked, all dance classes are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend and provide a minimum of 48hours advance notice, you will be able to swap your class for a new date and time which shall be agreed by both the client and Zoltan. 
If Zoltan Bihari is taken ill or is unable to teach the class (private, group or other) he will inform the affected clients immediately and shall issue a full refund to each client concerned. You can get in touch via the connect page.


Injury Cases

Dance is a great source of exercise and fitness. However, the client is asked and obliged to seek medical advise from their GP before carrying out any exercise. Zoltan Bihari is not responsible for any injuries of any manner from participation in the class (private, group or other) unless they are a direct consequence of negligence on Zoltan's part. 


Zoltan Bihari pledges to provide a high quality service and treat each client with the upmost respect. If a client becomes disrespectful, physically or mentally abusive or disruptive during a class (private, group or other), he/she will be asked to leave immediately and will not be entitled to any refund or reschedule of that class. If the client is found writing offensive or derogatory emails or comments via social media to Zoltan Bihari, he/she shall be blocked and reported. 

Privacy Policy

The conversations held between the client and Zoltan Bihari are strictly confidential and any information provided by the client such as an email or phone number shall remain classified at all times. We do not sell or pass on this information for any purpose or to any other person. 

Classes & Courses

Private Classes

Private lessons with Zoltan Bihari are arranged and booked in advance and paid via bank transfer. Zoltan does not accept cash payments. In order to book a class, the client should contact Zoltan by filling out the form in the connect page. The client shall then be sent a PDF with all the relevant information (time table, locations, tips, info about the dance, music and prices). Once the date is agreed, the client shall receive an invoice for the lessons which is payable via bank transfer. The payment must be received at least 24 hours before the class starts. Once a class is booked it is non refundable. *see Variations & Cancellations. Please note that a private lesson can involve a couple, a small group of friends or a one-to-one class.

Wedding Dances

Wedding Dances with Zoltan Bihari are arranged in advance and settled in advance via online payment or bank transfer if preferable (If so, you shall be sent an invoice with all the details). Zoltan does not accept cash payments. You can book a Wedding Dance package from the Wedding Dance page. However, we recommend you get in touch and discuss your options before purchasing your lessons (Which can be done via the Connect page). The course should be paid in full upfront at least 24 hours before the class starts. Once the classes are bought, they are non refundable *see Variations & Cancellations. Please note that a Wedding Dance package is also relevant for a Mother/Son Dance or Father/Daughter dance.

Adult Courses


Adult courses are built on a 10 person attendance basis. The classes are open for sign up via the site. If you are keen to attend one of Zoltan's 6 week Adult Dance Courses, the client should get in contact via the connect page. The course is payable via bank transfer. Once you get in touch, you will be sent a PDF with all the necessary information and payment details. Zoltan does not accept cash payments. The lessons should be paid in full upfront and the payment should be received at least 24 hours before the first class starts. The course sign up opens one month prior to the course start. If by the last week before the class is due to start, the course is less than 50% full (less than 5 attendees), the course may be cancelled and a full refund shall be issued to those already signed up. However, if the course is 50% or more filled, the course will go ahead and the classes shall be non refundable. *see Variations & Cancellations. 

Children's Courses

Zoltan Bihari offers several options for Children's Courses. The client should get in touch via the connect page in order to discuss the class options further. Once we know more about you, you shall be sent a PDF with all the relevant details and information. Once the course is decided, it is payable upfront via bank transfer. Zoltan does not accept any cash payments. The classes should be paid at least 24 hours before the first session. Once it is booked, the client is no longer eligible for a full or partial refund. *see Variations & Cancellations. Adults are of course welcome to attend and watch the Children's Dance Course. However, they are asked to not interfere with the lesson and remain discrete. 


Feedback & Questions

Zoltan Bihari vows to provide a great service, respect to each client and support. We love to hear from you and what you thought of the class (Which can be done in the Testimonials page), however, if you weren't 100% satisfied with the service provided, we would love the chance to rectify any wrong. In order to to resolve the issue, we kindly ask our clients to get in touch via the connect page. 

Design, Content and Crediting

We have worked very hard to bring you an original, creative site that showcases simplicity and style. All content is property of ┬ęZoltan Bihari and we would kindly ask any individual who wishes to use any of the content of the site, to please get in contact via the connect page, ask us and then credit accordingly. The site, style and photography was created by Melissa Burgess and the video content was created and edited by Ashley Haynes.