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Wedding Dances, Father/Daughter dances, Mother/Son dances

Zoltan provides customised wedding dances created and styled to fit your needs, style, level and song choice. Wedding dance packages can be purchased via this page. A wedding dance is a moment to treasure and remember forever so let's make it a good one. 


Wedding Dances

Planning a wedding is stressful stuff, it demands so much time and effort. But whether you are having a big do, full of glitz and glamour or keeping it simple and sweet, we can all agree that attention to detail is key in creating a memorable day. After the I do's, all eyes are on the Mr(s) and Mr(s) and a great first dance is such a special way to start your new chapter as a married couple. 

"we will adapt your dance to your song, the song is key!"

The key to a great first dance is emotion. The dance doesn't need to be laced with complicated lifts and fancy footwork, it needs to exude love and happiness. Your choice of song is vital. Take some time before the class and discuss between yourselves which song played an important role in your journey thus far. Chose a song that has meaning and will bring out all the things that make you such a great duo. Side note, if you want to go all out and dazzle your friends and family, we can do that too*.

All styles make great first dances but if I was to pick my favourite top three, it would have to be Swing/Jive; if you love a bit of fast pass fun and a choreography that will get everyone clapping along, A Waltz, for a touch of class and grace or the Tango for a passionate routine that will grab everyones attention. 

Perhaps you want to showcase a Father/Daughter - Mother/Son dance. We can provide that as well! The best way to find out more is by getting in contact with me and setting up a plan. 

I would recommend a minimum of five hours for a good wedding dance, however, we are all different and learn at different speeds. I will tailor the course to your needs. I can teach from a studio in central London, or we can use a space that you know and is convenient to you. I will send you a detailed PDF with everything you need to know, including prices, location suggestions, timing and tips. Please note that I am available for <at-home teaching> which means I will come to you, however, the fee is slightly higher due to travel expenses. 

*View the Terms & Conditions page for more information regarding Variations, Cancellations and Booking queries. 

"let's talk about it first,
then you can purchase your package here"